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Welcome to Play Town Inverurie, an exciting play centre for young children.

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Play Town Inverurie features a scaled down version of the town which will inspire children to explore life in our miniature settings through role play. Children love to play make believe and Play Town Inverurie will support and awaken their imagination.

We offer an educational play experience in an alternative setting, as each role play area is designed to interest children and entice them into imaginative play.

our session times

Monday 9:.30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1:30pm - 3pm 3.30pm -
Tuesday 9:30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1:.30pm - 3pm 3.30pm -
Wednesday 9:.30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm closed term time closed term time
Thursday 9:30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1.30pm - 3pm 3.300pm -
Friday 9.30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1:.30pm - 3.30pm -
Saturday 9:30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1:30pm - 3pm 3:30pm - 5pm
Sunday 9:30am - 11am 11:30am - 1pm 1:30pm - 3pm 3:30pm - 5pm

Each session runs for 90 minutes and we appreciate your help at the end of session to vacate to allow us to prepare for the next session.

How to find us

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Contact us by telephone, email or pop by and visit.


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