Welcome to Play Town Inverurie, an exciting play centre for young children.


We have 4 session slots daily

9.30am- 11am 11:30am - 1pm
1:30pm - 3. 00pm 3.30 - 5pm

We are open 7 days a week, closed 1/2 day wednesday term time

Each session runs for 90 minutes

Play Town Inverurie features a scaled down version of the town which will inspire children to explore life in our miniature settings through role play. Children love to play make believe and Play Town Inverurie will support and awaken their imagination.

We offer an educational play experience in an alternative setting, as each role play area is designed to interest children and entice them into imaginative play (we do not have soft play just role play)

Our play sessions run at fixed times and online booking is very easy. We take a maximum of 11 children  at each play session which will allow children and grown ups to have an enjoyable experience (more are allowed at parties and group bookings)

Advanced Booking is strongly advised and avoids wee ones becoming upset if we are full.

Please bring socks for adults and children as shoes are removed on entry.

We do not have prams or buggies in the play area.  This is to keep the area clean for the wee ones and for space in the play area.  You are welcome to bring one and we can pop it in our secure store.


1 Child
1 Adult




Under 1


Play Town is a stimulating learning environment which is aimed at children up to around the age of 7 years old.

We appreciate that all children are different and at different stages of development.
If you have an older child who would enjoy our role play café please speak to us and we can accommodate them.



We are a local family with three children and felt that Inverurie Town Centre would benefit from a dedicated space for the younger people in our town.

Fiona has a BA (hons) in Business Studies and an HND in Childcare and Education along with years of experience of childcare in nursery settings, running toddler groups and help in the local school. It is very exciting to be able to combine all that experience and turn it into setting up an environment for our young members of the community.